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How To Earn Money Through Trading Stocks

Forex trading today is perceived by many investors as one of the best and safest form of online money trading. Forex trading is quite effective as it enables you to make a lot of money for yourself from a small investment in a very short period of time.

This form of trading had gained more reputation after the recent economic slow down. This is because most of the people who have invested in this form of online currency trading were less affected by the ill-effects of the slowdown.

Minimum amount to be invest

Before investing in the online forex trading the first thing that you need to do is to evaluate your total possession. After doing so you will have to determine that how much money you are willing to invest in the forex trading. For best result, it is advisable that you invest a minimum amount of $5000 in the market.
Though forex trading is considered as one of the safest form of online currency trading you on your part also has to follow necessary precautionary measures to save yourself from any existing fraudulent companies in the trading market. For this you need to do a thorough background checkup of the financial institution where you are planning to invest your money.

Forex currency trading broker

You can also hire a forex currency trading broker to help you out in the forex trading. The forex trading brokers have the necessary expertise and knowledge in the forex trading and so they can help you to earn huge profits from your investments.


How To Learn Stock Trading

There are several steps in stock trading which need to be followed in order to gain the optimum from the stock market. These steps, however, are not a means for easy money but are guidelines to help find your way around the stock market.

The steps are-

First and foremost you should be familiar with the basic concepts of the stock market. You should be aware of the risks it involves and the skills necessary to overcome these risks. These will be explained to you in a simple and comprehensive manner so that you can explore the market and make the most of the opportunities that come your way.
Secondly you need to have a proper approach in the trading of stock, which could be fundamental analysis, technical analysis or both used in a combined form.

The next step is to test your skill in the stock market without actually investing any money so that you can understand your capability without causing a loss. You can present your own ideas on the trade by using technical analysis and see how well they work.

The final and most important step is actually investing your money in the stock market. This should only be done when you are completely sure of your skill and knowledge of the markets. Hasty decisions generally lead to bitter experiences involving losses.
The stock market is risky business so it is advised that you should acquire as much knowledge and expertise before entering the real thing.


Sensex Nifty

The word Nifty means National Index for fifty. The stocks are described as ‘one-decision’ because it is extremely stable over long periods of time. Fifty times earning is not uncommon for the stocks that were assigned.

The S&P (Standard and Poor) CNX Nifty is diverse into fifty stock index accounting. It covers twenty one sectors of the economy. It is used for various purposes such as index based derivatives, index funds and benchmarking fund portfolios. It is a joint venture between the NSE and CRISIL.

IISL is the first company in India that has specialized focus on the index as a core product. It has a licensing and marketing agreement with Standard and Poor who are now the world leaders in index services. From the 26th of June 2009, the S&P CNX Nifty is computed based on the free float method.

The term Nifty Fifty is an informal term used for the fifty popular large cap stocks of the New York Stock exchange during the 1960’s and 70’s. They were regarded as solid buy and hold growth stocks. These fifty stocks were credited in the 1970’s for propelling the bull market. Till now most of them are solid performers in the market.

Some of the New York Stock Exchange Nifty fifty constituents are American Express, American Home products, Black and Decker, McDonald’s, PepsiCo, Polaroid, Xerox, The Walt Disney Company, Texas Instruments, Squibb, Revlon, Joe Schlitz Brewing, Pfizer, Johnson and Johnson, Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing (3M), IBM, International Telephone and Telegraph etc.


Trade Chart

There are display control buttons which allows one to increase or decrease the size of a price bar, shows the trade meters or hides them and also allows one to control how many trades they would to see.

The date and time of the trade in question is recorded at the bottom of the chart.

A list of all transacted trades is shown on the chart so that any information about a transaction requires a click on the indicator for that trade to view the apt chart.

Viewing the details of any trade is fairly simple because when one clicks on a trade it draws a crosshair across the page which connects all the details of that trade. The details are updated immediately according to any changes that occur.

The indicator details button, when clicked on, shows the value of the trade which is being indicated.

All prices of trade transactions are printed on the trade chart so that one can view the exact price before initiating a transaction.

All details of a trade; like dates, prices, profits, risks, duration, etc. are displayed on the trade chart so one is completely aware of what they are entering into before the transaction begins.


Trading Tools

Trading in the money markets is becoming simpler with the passage of time. Technology is always finding new ways to connect man and his money. The development of the world wide web and internet has played an instrumental part in the initial progress of the trading world. People now trade mostly online leaving out the paper work which used to be cumbersome and complicated. Simple documentation which is easy to understand and only a few clicks later people can now purchase equity shares, bonds, company deposits. The age old practice of holding onto and physical transfer of certificates is now electronic and takes a maximum of three to four working days to move from seller to buyer.

The main tools as on date are the electronic trading and electronic D Mat account. The trader with only a few clicks of the mouse transfer to or withdraw money from his trading account and subsequently purchase or sell shares. The shares are then held in the DMat account by direct transfer. The paper work is thus greatly reduced. Most firms also offer added facilities like advisory services where in a qualified professional will chalk out investment plans and tax angles with an investor. Trade by phone - where in an investor needs only to call the help line and place a request to buy or sell his shares; Intraday tips given by broking firms may be used to make money on a daily basis. The latest being mobile alerts of account status, stock prices and market conditions.

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